How often is this site updated?
We have no schedules that we stick to for updating the site. We may update it when new products arrive or we have special offers.
What Browsers and Plug-ins do I need?
Our site is build to support both Internet Explorer 7 or above and Firefox 3 or above. This site my not display properly on other type of browsers and versions that are below what is stated.

» Internet Explorer
» Firefox

Adobe Flash play is required for flash animations or display properly

» Download here
The Text is too Small/Large
For some visitors, our Web site may appear to have a different size font than they are used to. If this is the case, your Web browser might be configured to display text in a larger or smaller font than normal. To adjust the font size in most browsers, look for a text size option under the "View" menu.

How do I search?
Using our search engine is the best way to find what your looking for quickly. The search is located at the top left of the page

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